Day 1


Inspired by another knitters project on Ravelry, I have decided to knit a square a day to make a blanket for my home. Further, I have decided to dedicate that time each day to contemplation and reflection. For me, this means clearing my mind of the ‘busy’ and focusing entirely on the piece of knitting I am working on. I am training myself to slow my breathing and my stitches during this time each day by counting each stitch as I make it, thereby living purely in the Now for a little while each day.

The space for each project on Ravelry isn’t really big enough not designed to accommodate this sort of project where more than 10 scraps of yarn are used so I will be using this blog to record what I use and what I think about as I’m knitting these squares.

Day 1

~ Listening to Holst’s The Planets as conducted by Andre Previn. Starting with Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity before going back to start again at Venus, the Bringer of Peace. (Mars, the Bringer of War didn’t really fit with my intention to calm myself so even though it’s a favourite, I skipped it today.)

I am a knitter of some years experience and knit quite quickly without looking at my work. Today I made myself slow down, to breathe slowly until I felt my heart rate slow and counted each stitch as I watched my hands make it.

Each square I make will be small. I am using 4ply yarn and 3.25mm needles to make mitred squares that will be joined together as i go along by picking up stitches, rather than making many individual pieces then sewing them together later.

The pattern I am using is simple :

Cast on 31 sts
Row 1: k14, sl2 together, k1, psso, k14, turn – 29sts
Row 2: k across
Row 3: k13, sl2 together, k1, psso, k13, turn – 27sts
Row 4: k across
Row 5: k12, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k12, turn – 25sts
Row 6: k across
Row 7: k11, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k11, turn – 23sts
Row 8: k across
Row 9: k10, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k10, turn – 21sts
Row 10: k across
Row 11: k9, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k9, turn – 19sts
Row 12: k across
Row 13: k8, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k8, turn – 17sts
Row 14: k across
Row 15: k7, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k7, turn – 15sts
Row 16: k across
Row 17: k6, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k6, turn – 13sts
Row 18: k across
Row 19: k5, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k5, turn – 11sts
Row 20: k across
Row 21: k4, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k4, turn – 9sts
Row 22: k across
Row 23: k3, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k3, turn – 7sts
Row 24: k across
Row 25: k2, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k2, turn – 5sts
Row 26: k across
Row 27: k1, sl2 tog, k1, psso, k1, turn – 3sts
Row 28: k across
Row 29: sl2 tog, k1, psso – 1st. Break yarn and pull through.

Today’s yarn : After commenting on the beautiful colours of a friends piece of knitting, she sent the remainder of the yarn to me. I have been knitting that half ball into part of a shawl and finished its section today. The yarn is Knit Picks Chroma fingering-weight in the Lolipop colourway, though all that remains is the blue and green stripes. I really,really love this yarn. It is soft, and colourful, and smooth, and is just lovely to work with. Heresy though it may be, I think it’s nicer than Malabrigo.

All told, I am feeling much calmer and more centred than when I began so we can count today a success ( and by today I mean Saturday. On the clock it is Sunday but I haven’t gone to bed from Saturday so I’m still counting it as Saturday :p)

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