Day 2


So today I’m discovering a problem with this project.

I don’t want to stop working on it! I love sock yarn – so much colour! and the squares are such small pieces there’s a lot instant gratification in the project. The highs of casting on and casting off and all that new yarn. The trickiest part is knowing that I may yet I will likely forget about this occasionally so if I do a few extra squares when I feel like it I will be able to keep up to date without actually falling behind but that’s not what I want with this. So I shall give in and do my square for today now instead of later when I was planning to. It helped me fall asleep last night to have taken the time to calm myself.

Today’s music is from The Swoon Collection III¬†published by ABC Radio (Australia). First track is Giulio Caccini’s ‘Ave Maria‘. ¬†Not the usually played version and beautiful for being different as much as for the actual composing.

The yarn for today is a sock yarn (75% superwash wool/25% nylon) by Schoeller+Stahl – ‘Fortissima Shadow Color’ in red. The yarns being produced in Europe – Germany, Italy and Spain particularly- are gorgeous. Lovely against bare skin and fabulous colours. The colours in this particular range are deep, saturated colours. I have skeins in red, grey, teal, green and purple and they will each make an appearance in this blanket at least once.

Today is the first time picking up stitches. Holding your first square by the cast off stitch, like a diamond rather than a square, and the cast on edge pointing down. Starting at that cast off stitch, pick up 15 stitches evenly along the right hand side of the square. I pick up the strand between the nobbly bits at the end of each row. You will be working from left to right, I know. Trust me, it works better this way.

Now cast-on 16 stitches. I use the cable cast-on method almost exclusively but use whatever you are comfortable with. If you use the thumb method be aware that if you are doing so with a single-ply yarn – like KP Chroma or Malabrigo lace – you may unravel the twist which could cause your yarn to pull apart.


You should have 31sts on your left hand needle, ready to knit your first row. Follow yesterday’s pattern, knitting as normal (for most that is right to left).



In other news, I am currently cataloguing my yarn stash which includes my handspinning fibre and handspun yarns. More of my house than usual is my ‘craft corner’ at the moment. The fibre for cataloguing today is between the sofa end and a bookcase.

I’d like you to meet Eris. She’s our 8-year-old German Shepherd who likes her comfort. She’s pretending not to look at me because she knows she’ll be shoo’d off the wool and is trying to prolong the inevitable.


P.S. I take all my photos with my phone. As such, they are more likely than not going to be pretty terrible and not at all colour accurate. You have been warned.