Day 12


I’m supposed to just be listening but I am enthralled watching a first violinist conduct a string quartet through her solo moments. Such small, intentional motions with her eyes and chin.

My knitting has become a thing that keeps my hands busy as I focus on her and the extraordinary music the quartet is playing.

Not exactly how I’d intended this to work.

The music is on the Sky Arts 2 channel, the second installment in a 17 part series – ‘Beethoven: the complete string quartets’. Guess what it’s about. Tonight they are playing Quartet in E Flat Major, Op. 127, ‘they’ being The Belcea Quartet who performed this in the Vienna Konzerthaus. I love how that word looks – ‘Konzerthaus’.

Beethoven manages to write such beauty for the 3 violins in counterpoint with some very deep, almost violent, undertones on the cello. I’m not sure if I like it but I don’t dislike it so I shall continue to listen. The shifts between melodic and bombastic are quite fascinating. I think the best word to describe it all is ‘confllicted’. I wonder how it was received by the people who first heard it?

day12Nothing exciting to report today for my knitting except the purchase of buttons for the sweater. Today’s square is purple from the same ball of yarn I used on Day 3 (Opal’s Sweet & Spicy ‘Plum’) and uses the same techniques, instructions and pattern as Day 2.

It’s almost too big for my laptop keyboard. Need to find a new location for photograph taking….