Day 16


Today I have worked almost exclusively on my Travelling Companion shawl. I have less than 30 rows to go until I’ve finished it! Mind you there’s more than 300 stitches in each of those rows… Regardless, I am determined not to start or return to a project I have not worked on this month until I finish a project that I have been working on this month. Cause, let’s be honest, if you’ve seen my project page on Ravelry you’ll know that I could really do with paring down my collection of UnFinished Objects (aka UFO’s). So last time we saw this rainbow coloured shawl I had just started the second section of black lace knitting. I finished that today and have knitted the first row of plain coloured lace and it’s going to be gorgeous! I really love the plum colour with the black. The yarn is called ‘Coton Fifty’ by Bergere de France. It’s half and half cotton and acrylic and is so much softer to work with than I expected this 4ply yarn to be.

traveling companion 4

Despite my wandering attention, I have really been enjoying this project. I haven’t been exacting in following the the pattern – there should have been less in the rainbow section and more in the second black lace section but I prefer it this way. I’ve also added a few rows so it will be larger than the original. I knitted about 20 rows today already and will knit a few more tonight so it ought to be finished tomorrow. I’m looking forward to wearing it this week.

My meditation blanket is a year long project that I had intended would be 365 of the small squares I started with. Obviously it hasn’t turned out that way. I have no regrets but now I need to do some planing for the layout. It’s subject to change of course but here’s what I’m intending for the first 52 pieces.

blanketplanYou can see in the photo that day 16 is another rectangle, attached to the remaining edge of Day 14’s trapezoid. Pick up 15sts along that side, then cast on 48sts to make 63sts on your needles, then follow the pattern from Day 6. I used a Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Shadow Color yarn today in purple. I have already used petrol blue and red.