Day 19


Ah, Nina Simone. SkyArts 2 again. They’re broadcasting the footage of her last ever recorded concert, performed in 1990 at Paris’s Olympia. I infinitely prefer to listen to both her and Ella Fitzgerald live (Ella’s 40th Birthday Concert in Rome is brilliance).

Such honest music. An imperfect and magnificent voice. Watching her connect emotionally with her music is something wonderful and we miss out on it in so much of our music today. Only 5 instruments to accompany her. It’s enthralling and beautiful and wonderful.

No sign of ‘Pirate Jenny’ though and it’s macabre but I love that song.

Another simple square today. Another colour of Austermann’s Step sock yarn. Today it’s colour #3 – “Grass”. Not entirely sure why there’s a reddish pink splashed through the green though… Anyway, day 19.

day 19

J suggested I do a post about sewing in ends which is a great idea, so that’s my plan for tomorrow. I have a knitting group in he afternoon and I ave some uni coursework I *really* need to do so it might not be done until Friday. But as always, please make any requests/suggestions in your comments.