Day 23


I can’t say that I had ever seen anyone use PVC pipes as percussion before the Blue Man Group. I was introduced to them during a kids program that my son was watching a few years ago in which each episode showcased 3 pieces of music usually centred on a theme – pets, ‘cheer me up’, that sort of thing, and today’s song was one of these showcased pieces. I can’t find the video they used but this one is pretty close. Blue Man Group don’t just use a single length of pipe but use several to vary the tone they produce and it’s fantastic.

Sweater Update! The body is finished!!! As soon as I’m finished with this post I will be starting a sleeve.

driftwood-finished body

Revisiting the yarn I used on days 5 and 7 – Austermann’s Step in ‘Beere’ –  I added a mostly pink rectangle to the blanket.