Day 25


Something of a cautionary tale today. Even if you knit a swatch (a square to see how many stitches and rows you get in a given area) and check that you are getting he number of stitches the pattern tells you to have per inch, measure your garment often. No really, keep checking just as you check that you have the right number of stitches n your needles.

driftwood-finished body

From this, plus half a right sleeve…

So, yeah, swatching is important…. but I’ve never had anything but frustration when I bother with it. I am fortunate that I usually knit to gauge naturally.. You’ve all seen the sweater I’ve been knitting – all those lovely, brightly coloured stripes. With only a sleeve and a half to go I was double checking sleeve length with J and discovered that even though I was knitting to the prescribed gauge, the blasted thing is coming out at the measurements for a size smaller.

.. to this. * It's called a frog pond because when we undo knitting we say that we will 'rip it back'. Rip it = ribbit = frog = frogging... It's a bit heartbreaking to do this so we make our own amusement about it.

.. to this. * It’s called a frog pond because when we undo knitting we say that we will ‘rip it back’. Rip it = ribbit = frog = frogging… It’s a bit heartbreaking to do this so we make our own amusement about it.

I have spent the last couple of hours sending the sweater to the frog pond*. I will cast it on again in the morning but will ignore the swatch I did and just knit on the 4.5mm needles the pattern says instead of the 3.75mm needles the swatch indicated I should use.

I’m casting on a short cardie for myself tonight in an effort to calm down a bit. Frogging is always saddening.

Happier things now – the blanket is already getting big. 17″ x 20″ (43cm x 51cm) and we’re not even a month into the year of knitting it. It will be an enormous blanket, or a couple of slightly less enormous blankets.

day 25

The big grey square was yesterday’s addition (Schoeller+Stahl, Fortissima Shadow Color ‘Grey’). Today’s is the green square with the blue line (Opal, Sweet & Spicy ‘Plum’). I was going to give you a list of the yarns I’ve used but instead, have a photo of a mini wall o’ yarn made up of the yarn I’m using for the blanket. Yeah. I hadn’t realised I was using so many either.

wall o yarn

I’m go to finish with music today instead of starting with it. I adore Sarah Barielles’ music. She’s another artist I love singing along to. This song cheers me up and reminds me that bravery is an everyday thing. It’s not reserved for warzones and fairy tales. It’s in getting out of bed every day. It’s in trying again. It’s admitting when help would be appreciated. And sometimes it’s dancing when your feet want to move even if you are in a public library…

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