Day 27


Today has been a special brand of ‘What sort of frikkin’ idiot thought that would be ok?! You arse! Thanks for making this all so much more difficult than it ought to be.’ The lack of thought or effort some people put in to their actions can be utterly flummoxing, even when it is neither a surprise nor unexpected.


After the Second World War, the Powers That Be were trying to work out why an entire nation followed a mad man into committing atrocities even they couldn’t explain their involvement in. One of many of the experiments done in an effort to make sense of this was done by a man named Milgram that studied whether people will continue beyond their comfort zone in an assigned activity if there is an authority figure giving them permission and offering reassurance that all blame will be theirs. The results were alarming. It showed that if there was an authority figure giving instruction, giving reassurance and absolving guilt, the participating person will continue with the activity well beyond the point they would have stopped if they were on their own. In the recordings of the experiments you can see people muttering their protests and displeasure, or giggling with nervous hysteria but they don’t stop.

There are a lot of things in life that we do that we wouldn’t otherwise when we are emotionally or mentally removed from a situation we are in. The anonymity of the internet allowing the unbelievable unpleasantness that is found on forums and Twitter is one example. There is no guilt or blame because no one knows who you really are, thus the Internet becomes the authority figure that absolves you of guilt or wrongdoing.

But this can also be used in a positive way. I find this happens with guided meditation. It is easier to relax more deeply, and possible to let go a little more than during my own meditation because someone is telling me it’s ok. I trust that the guide will take me ‘there’ and ‘back’. We all crave that ‘good boy/girl!’ pat on the head from others after doing good work and having even a recorded voice as encouragement makes a difference. I believe my meditation is more satisfying and satisfactory because of it. (go to to see what I mean.)

And now for something completely different….

Bill Bailey (on the guitar) is primarily known as a comedian but is as likely to use a piano to make a joke as not.

Did you recognise the music? Did you know you should know it? It’s ‘Duelling Banjos’ from the movie ‘Deliverance’. I’ve never seen the movie (and have no intention of changing that given what I’ve heard about it.) but still love this piece of music but the level of Epic went up with this version.

Turquoise rectangle today!


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