Day 28


In honour of my son arriving tomorrow for school holidays, here is his theme song (with video courtesy of a World of Warcraft player).

Wasn’t sure if I’d get this post done before the clocks ticked over to tomorrow. I’ve had several ideas for shawls swirling through my thoughts for much of the last week and today i couldn’t put them off any longer. Nothing to show you yet of those I’m afraid but i have a shawl i’m knitting with some yarn I spun myself that I can show you a picture of….

baktus1 baktus2

The fibre was dyed by Blue Moon Fiber Arts, a ‘Sheep to Shoe’ kit which is a superwash wool with instructions for how to spin it to produce yarn to knit socks with. The colourway is called ‘Fire on the Mountain’ and I love it! The pattern is called ‘Baktus’ but I can’t leave a pattern alone so I have tweaked it pattern. It’s supposed to be a long, shallow triangle but I like large equilateral triangle shawls so I’ve  changed the frequency of  increases, from increasing on 1 out of every 4 rows to 1 out of every 2.

I’ve planned a corner with two trapezoids today partly because I wanted to see if i could and partly cause i thought it would look nice. And it does but I cannot get it to look quite right.

of course, when i drew up the plan, i hadn’t considered that adding a trapezoid from the short side would involve a new pattern. And of course it’s one that ‘m not happy with yet. I shall continue working on it and will have 2 pieces for you tomorrow.