Day 31


Today’s music is by Voltaire – not the philosopher – and was unintentionally chosen by My friend J unintentionally chose today’s music when she sent me the link to this piece on YouTube. It’s by Voltaire – no, not the philosopher – and it feels a bit like ‘Danse Macabre’ by Saint-Saens, a slightly sinister, uptempo violin and tambourine dance. So, I hope you enjoy ‘The Headless Waltz’.

It’s hayfever season here and though it’s been raining the last day or so, we had a couple of weeks of gorgeous weather (aka, the English Summer) which set my sinuses to ‘clogged’ and my nose to ‘sneeze’. I try to be philosophical about it – a sneeze is a good abdominal workout after all especially if your sneeze is actually several consecutively. Unfortunately, this style of sneezing has proven to be more likely to throw my back out. I can’t seem to get comfortable today and it’s impacted my knitting which is nigh unforgivable…. ok, maybe not but it’s very irritating. I would like to use the knitting as a distraction from the hurt which stretches from halfway down my back and into my pelvic region and feels swollen and throbs with my pulse. Time to make an osteopath appointment I guess. I am consoling myself with custard cream biscuits. It’s working 😉

I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with how I’ve finished today’s new blanket piece. It’s the mirror image of the upside down trapezoid that gave me so much difficulty last week so it’s not really a surprise. But it works so we’re going with it. Yes, there are short rows in this one too.

Pick up 15sts along the incline of day 29’s trapezoid, 1st in the corner, 15sts along the edge of the rectangle then cast on 16sts.

Row 1 – k14, (sl2, k1, psso), k16

Row 2 – sl1, knit to end

Row 3 – k13, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 4 – sl1, knit to end

Row 5 – k12, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 6 – sl1, knit to end

Row 7 – k11, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 8 – sl1, knit to end

Row 9 – k10, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 10 – sl1, knit to end

Row 11 – k9, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 12 – sl1, knit to end

Row 13 – k8, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 14 – sl1, knit to end

Row 15 – k7, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 16 – sl1, knit to end

Row 17 – k6, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 18 – sl1, knit to end

Row 19 – k5, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 20 – sl1, knit to end

Row 21 – k4, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 22 – sl1, knit to end

Row 23 – k3, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 24 – sl1, knit to end

Row 25 – k2, (sl2, k1, psso), k16, turn

Row 26 – sl1, knit to end

Row 27 – k1, (sl2, k1, psso), k to end

Cast off until 2sts remain on the left hand needle, (sl1, k1 psso), finish casting off.

day 31



Audience participation – would you like a pdf of all the patterns I’ve used so far? Answers in the comments please 🙂