Day 35


Didn’t know quite what to do with myself today after cramming a terms worth of coursework into a handful of days…. so I knitted 😉

20140531_012305-1I worked almost exclusively on attempt #2 of my friend J’s Driftwood sweater. We’re using colour plan #3 which is blues, greens, grey, white and purple. It’s well under way now. There is less than 15 cm left to knit for the body. then it’s just the sleeves and considering they have less than half the stitches of the body each, I might have this sweater done by this time next week. Very exciting.

driftwood-colour plan v3

Colour plan #3

The colours that have been taken out of this sweater will now be used in others. One will be brown and orange, another will be black, pink, red and yellow. I’m pretty sure there will be enough leftover between them all to make at least 1 more brightly coloured, stripy sweater. I think that one might be for me though.

I still love this yarn, and this pattern. It’s been a straightforward knit and there’ll be no putting it together at the end! I love seamless knitting. I still have ends to sew in because of all the different colours but that’s much less stressful than sewing on a sleeve.

day35The blanket gained a red rectangle today! I’m working on a page for the blog that will have all of the basic patterns I’ve used so far. I need it as much as you might. I can’t always remember what I did, then I can’t find it…. there’s been many posts and there are more still to come. I’ve gathered all of the patterns together but am in the middle of formatting. Might have it finished by Monday.

This song has been buzzing around in my head for the last 24 hours so I’m exorcising it by sharing it with you all. We’ve seen the brilliance of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain once already. this time they prove their musical awesomeness by performing ‘pinball wizard’ a cappella – no accompaniment except their own voices and it’s fabulous!