Day 36


10% of the way to finished….. with this many pieces, it’s counting the small milestones that will get us through.

Spent this afternoon at a family ‘do. It was for a member of ‘the other side of the family’ so we knew about 10 people of the 60 or so people in attendance. Still, there was good music (live, South American guitar!) and food, which is always a reason to spend time with the family 😉

This song was spinning through my head throughout the afternoon for somewhat obvious reasons…

Of course, the afternoon was a complete win when we found a wool shop not 5 minutes from our destination. And yes, of course some came home with me. It’s shiny! No really, there’s a strand of gold coloured thread throughout. How was I supposed to walk past it?!

King Cole - Shine

The yarn is King Cole’s ‘Shine’ and yes, these 2 balls are the same colourway, the same dye lot. They’ve just been wound into the ball from different points. I’m thinking ‘shawl’…

Today’s piece is one of the upside down trapezoid’s, the one with the incline on the left hand side from Day 26 (shown on Day 27).

day 36