Day 37


driftwood v2 - body complete backSo, I got it right this time! All the measurements are right so it will fit my friend J! I shall be getting another friend to try it on for me at knitting on Wednesday just to double check I think.

The sleeves are next. The stitches for that are all on holders and just need me to thread the needles through the stitches and I can get started on them.

driftwood v2 - body complete frontThis sweater has a long button band down the front. The pattern calls for the section to be worked back and forth, knit one row then purl the next. I decided not to do that on this 2nd attempt at the pattern. I am going to be courageous and try steeking. It is a very common technique in intarsia and fair isle knitting and in knitting Scandanavian sweaters. It involves knitting across the ’empty’ spaces (like sleeves and button bands) with extra stitches, then shoring up those sections before cutting the fabric. My explanation is terrible, I know, but my point here is that I’m going to voluntarily CUT MY KNITTING! Yes, I will take photos and explain the process when I actually do it, and the hole in the front of the sweater is part of it.

I’m taking a break from the sweater for the rest of today to work on a wedding gift – a knitted lace tablecloth.

But first, today’s music. I am feeling…. well, i’m not sure what the word is but it is positive and calm. I don’t remember the first time I heard Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ album, I don’t even remember how I came to have a copy but I remember being lost in the raw beauty of it at that moment. The album is full of songs you will know but not in a voice you will recognise. Carole King wrote ‘I feel the earth move’, ‘you make me feel like a natural woman’, and ‘Will you still love me?’. The album is unpolished and simple and one that I always have a copy of. This is the title track performed live.

Lastly, another trapezoid….

day 37


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