Day 38


It’s possible that I love the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain….. yes, another piece of music by them in yet another style. Not sure how to describe the style for this one except that it’s not how you’d usually hear Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’. Maybe music hall sing-along…?

So, I’m most of the way through the first sleeve for the sweater which is awesome but I (stupidly) decided to check the body measurements again now that the fabric isn’t so stretched from being worked with…. I’m 2 stripes short of the length I need which isn’t a problem except that I only have enough white to do the white stripes on the second sleeve.  I think I’m going to have to rip back and redo the white stripes in grey. Not really a big deal but it is a nuisance. I’d have had plenty of white for the original colour plan but things change and i really like how this sweater is turning out so I will make it work some how. Yes, I could just buy another ball of the white *but* I can’t find any sellers in the UK (I used to stock it in my little shop 2 years ago which is why I have it now). There are sellers in Germany but shipping is expensive. The yarn is less than 5 Euros, shipping is more than 10 Euros. I refuse to pay that much on shipping for something with a negligible weight and volume. So I am once again rethinking my colour plan. I’ll laugh about it later. I’m just irritated with myself at the moment for not paying more attention in the first place.

I love the colour of today’s yarn. I’m actually kind of in love with the bold colours of this blanket. It’s all still a little scratchy – which will change when it is washed – but it’s so squishy!!!! Can’t believe I’m still going with this. Normally I’d be bored by now.




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