Day 39


Just a quick one today because I’m falling asleep as I write this (no idea why, it’s quite early for me. I’m just very, very tired).

Something whimsical and amusing today for you to listen to. Comedy pair ‘The Scared, Weird Little Guys’ were once part of an award winning a cappella group. Now they sing for our amusement. This one illustrates how many people view Australia and her wildlife… It’s not really this dangerous. At least, it wasn’t where I grew up but, yeah, lots of things for the paranoid among us to worry about 😉

Today I finished the first sleeve of the sweater. It looks pretty good and my friend J lies it so i’m putting this one in the ‘WIN’.



I’ve ripped back the stripes in the body so that I have white yarn for the other sleeve and started knitting on the body again. It’s all coming together it would seem.

blankeplan2So we’re up to day 39 and I had only finished the plan for 52 days. Today I expanded the plan for the blanket to 136 pieces/days. I have no idea how well they’ll all come together. I’ve tried to number everything in the order I think they’ll need to be worked but it’s a big space and some of the shapes are facing new directions. It will all work out but I can only guess at the things that might cause trouble right now.

day 39Day 39 is a simple small square, worked along what has typically been the left hand side of the blanket. So much lovely purple!!! Though the colour isn’t quite so ultraviolet in the real world. I should probably try to locate a ‘real’ camera instead of continuing to use my phone….


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