Day 41


Well, that was less painful than we were expecting but I have never met a person more two-faced to play at office politics in my life! I am thoroughly disgusted that such a person is entrusted with the overseeing of the welfare of others. But they should be out of our lives after 18 protracted months of torment and institutional hell. Not really sure how I feel yet. I foresee a very emotionally rocky few days.

I managed to keep my temper and demonstrate that I am in fact a rational being but only because I knitted for every moment leading up to the meeting then spent the meeting writing out a pattern for a shawl I’m designing. That’s not to say I wasn’t paying attention but by doing something else meant that I didn’t take on board all the  awful things being said. It helped me keep calm. Yay for the meditative quality of knitting and creating.

base 8 - 1

I didn’t put any work into the sweater today. I felt very strongly that I should work on my own design today but I expect to finish the body of the sweater tomorrow. I may be reworking the last couple of stripes of the sleeve to tighten it a little.

Oh! Did I show you a picture of the shawl I’m knitting with that shiny yarn I bought at the weekend? I will use both balls of yarn for this shawl and will likely add a couple of black stripes toward the bottom. Though I may choose to use brown instead. Not sure yet.

shiny shawl

I’ve talked about the joy in a special piece of music that each person finds. This can extend to entire albums of music. It can also extend to an entire catalogue for a particular band. For me, I can listen to all of Paramore’s albums over and over and over again (and I have, much to my husband’s irritation) which makes it a little ironic that I am dedicating today’s song to him. I couldn’t have gotten through the heartache of the last year and a half without him. We’ve been married 14 years at the end of the month.

And I haven’t forgotten that I was going to photo blog the steeking for the sweater, except that I didn’t remember until I’d already started cutting it. So I will make a sample tomorrow and photograph the process using that to post either tomorrow or Saturday.

I love this yarn! It’s the Opal sock yarn. Isn’t it pretty?day 41



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