Day 43



I love the Disney movie ‘Mulan’. At a time when I struggled with not being what everyone else told me I ought to be (well, my teens in particular. I’ve never been good at doing something if I don’t see the point in it), Mulan was a character that ‘spoke’ to me. In particular is the sentiment, even the words, from the song ‘Reflection’. Being out of my teens has not been a magical cure. I’m still not what I’m “supposed” to be. But then, despite all of that I am 14 years married to a man who loves me as I am, who supports my efforts to improve myself and demands only that it be a change I want for me, not one to please someone else – not even him. Then came my son who loves me even when I’m grumpy and despite my best efforts, refuses to be embarrassed by me.

I still have trouble believing them some days. Self-esteem and -confidence are fickle things. But I’m getting better about it. And still there are days where my reflection isn’t what I expect…


Sweater Update Body and one sleeve are finished!!!!! I am now working on the button bands and collar and will start on the other sleeve tomorrow. My friend J loves it which is fantastic because it’s going to live with her when it’s finished.

driftwood v2 - steeked and sleeve1

And of course, the blanket… today I have returned to Step in ‘Beere’. This might be one off my favourite colourways. Though in truth, I like them all.

day 43


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