Day 44


On YouTube, I found the version of Caccini’s ‘Ave Maria’ that I listen to on the Swoon III CD. A beautiful, gentle, piece of music that swells and flows smoothly from beginning to end. It seemed an appropriate piece for a Sunday evening.

Sweater update The knitting for the button band, placket and collar are complete and work has begun on the right sleeve after yet another fussy edit to  the colour plan. Entirely my own doing.

I should be able to start the sewing in on Wednesday with a view to being finished (finally) by next weekend. Want it to be done so I can cast on the next sweater which will have a colour pattern/progression like this:

spring lines - test 2

So much pretty and it looks much better with the yellow stripes instead of the black we had originally been discussing. Yes, this is another sweater for my friend J.

The pattern is called ‘Spring Lines‘  (click the name to go to the page). It’s by a different designer to ‘Driftwood’ but has a similar construction – start at the neck and use increases to create the shoulders as well as the body before putting the sleeve stitches on a holder to finish the body. The sleeve stitches are put back on the needles then and knit. this is a seamless construction. There’s sewing in of ends but no sewing up of pieces. This is one of the advantages of knitting over sewing and is something that is finally becoming more common in knitwear design. Why do we have to knit the parts of a garment into the shape of pieces  from a sewing pattern when it can be done with various stitches and stitch holders. It certainly makes it more easy to finish a garment. I *hate* sewing up! Nothing ever matches up neatly and I just can’t be bothered. And I know I’m not the only knitter out there who feels this way.

I began designing dolls in crochet because there is no reason to be sewing limbs onto body’s when they can be worked seamlessly together. (You can find my patterns here

day 44


Today’s piece is a trapezoid. We’re less than 10 days from finishing the first plan I posted. Anyone keeping up?



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