Day 47


So….. I finished knitting for The Sweater.

driftwood v2 - needing sewing upYeeeeeeah, it ended up 15cm larger around the body than the pattern schematic said it should have which is puzzling because I got the gauge that the pattern said I needed. Basically, this means that it’s too big for my friend J. Disappointing. However, it is the right size for me so it wasn’t a wasted effort.

You can see that I still need to sew in the yarn ends and to add the buttons but the majority of the work is done.

Things I have learned : Do your maths!!! All of the difficulties that I have had with this pattern are down to maths – whether I haven’t checked my gauge properly, I haven’t checked measurements or the sizing isn’t calculated correctly, it’s all down to getting the numbers right. There is nothing complicated in the maths – it’s all addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. When I do it, I will share it with you all. It helps that I have already completed the pattern once so I know what I’m looking for/at.

Things I changed : So, the first time I knit the body of this sweater I followed the pattern exactly which meant that I worked backwards and forwards for the button band area, and after separating the sleeves from the body I cast on the stitches for the underarm. This time I knit the button band section in the round then steeked (secured and cut) the opening. It was much quicker to complete even with the few extra stitches on each round because I didn’t have to turn and re-situate the knitting at the end of each row, and because every round was knit stitch and like most knitters my purl stitch is a little slower than my knit stitch. As for the underarm, by casting on then picking up the stitches for the sleeve there was a stiff line that could be an irritant, so this time I did a provisional cast on which meant the join between sleeve and body under the arm was seamless. It looks and feels much better.

Things I would change next time : I would do my own maths for sizing. Looking at the gallery of other knitters sweaters from this pattern, the smaller sizes seem to fit perfectly but the larger sizes “swim” on the wearers. Not sure where the maths is wrong but I’m sure that it’s not me that made a mistake. My gauge was spot on so it should have come out to match the schematic in the pattern but it didn’t. So, yeah, I’ll do my own maths according to the measurements of the recipient of the sweater.

I will also be volunteering to test the designers patterns to help remedy this problem. I really like this pattern, and the construction is fantastic, and I am happy to knit it again at a later date. But first I’ll knit something else. I’m liable to destroy the sweater from boredom/irritation if I knit it again so soon. I have plenty to be going on with.

In honour of the  journey this sweater has taken me on, I present Faith No More’s ‘Epic’. It’s a bit of a flashback to my early teens and is one of my favourite pieces of modern music.

Today’s small square is blue. It is also setting up space for tomorrows rectangle. We’re coming to the end of the first chart so quickly. I am still surprised that I’m still going with this. I am terrible about starting things then getting bored but I’m enjoying this project. And knowing that there is something new to make and finish each day is good. If I don’t do anything else each day, I have accomplished a little bit more of this blanket.

Day 47

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