Day 52


More bunting knitted today – bright pink, pale yellow and white. No photo until I’ve given it some ribbon. Oh, and just to clarify, yesterday’s colours were dark purple, cream and red. I want to knit flowers and butterflies and bumblebees to decorate the bunting but only as an intellectual exercise. That is, I like the idea of making and using them but have no actual, physical interest in making them. Probably mostly because it’s detailed, fiddly work on needles that are too small for the yarn just so the stuffing doesn’t fall out.

Some easy listening tonight – Bic Runga’s ‘Sway’. This was in the charts when I was at Uni and I still love it. Her voice is beautiful and in my key so I can sing along at volume and not get a sore throat from reaching for too high notes.

The 52 piece square is done! But I ran out of daylight for a good photo so here’s one in artificial light to hold you over until I can get a better one tomorrow.

day 52

I really love how this is coming together. Lots of lovely colour and despite it being a 50cm square (unblocked) already, it’s lightweight and compact. It will be very warm when it’s grown up into it’s full size. So, only 313 days to go…….. although, are we in a leap year? cause if we are it’s 314 days. Hmmm…..


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