Day 55


Oh how I miss some of the 80’s pop/rock. Today is an Australian delicacy  – IceHouse fronted by Iva Davies and his epic mullet. The song is called ‘Electric Blue’ and it kinda haunts me. Can’t say why but it’s another of those songs from when I was 10. I should probably work out what was happening in my life at that time for the music to be so significant and ‘good’ in my mind.

There is so much music I’ve rediscovered from searching for this song. It’s very hard not to just fill this post with links to Australian music from the 80’s….. Maybe I should. Cold Chisel, 1927, John Farnham, Midnight Oil, Redgum, Noiseworks, INXS…. so many choices.

This has also led to rediscovering the Eurythmics and the stunning Annie Lennox, The Police, Paul Simon among many, many others.

Maybe I should make some sort of playlist on YouTube. If I do, I shall share the link.

sekku 4I got a few more rows of my self-designed shawl done today and started a new sweater for my friend J. It’ll be grey and pink stripes and looks very pretty. There’s not enough to photograph yet though. And I still haven’t chosen a pattern to knit with the yarn I bought yesterday which looks like this –>

And this tiny grey square…

Day 55


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