Day 64


My brilliant son is here this weekend so I’ve been busy but I still had time to knit my square.


I have hair dye in a shade very similar to today’s turquoise.

Speaking of hair dye, I put colour on my husband’s hair today. He’s got neon green at the front and pillarbox red everywhere else. Its always surprising how long it takes to get a good result but I highly recommend both Manic Panic dyes and taking your time to get it right.


You can’t get much more movie/music star of the 50’s and 60’s than members of the RatPack. I really love big band music and strong vocal performances and Sammy Davis jr and Frank Sinatra are two of the best. It’s remarkable to think that despite headlining sell out concerts, that because of segregation Sammy Davis jr had to enter the hotels of Las Vegas he was performing in through their kitchens.

(Yes, my Internet connection is having another hissy fit and I am poating from my phone. I’ll edit the link later.)


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