Day 68


Judy Garland. Her career began before ‘Wizard of Oz’ (which was they wanted Shirley Temple for!) and continued long after with so utterly fantastic movies and music. ‘Summer Stock’ had her starring opposite Gene Kelly, something she had done on more than once, and features this piece of joy. Such an incredible performer.

I managed to get mum’s tablecloth started today. It’s on a set of dpns so it looks a bit weird. It’ll be in a better shape – literally – for photographing tomorrow.

My hair made its public debut today to overwhelmingly positive responses. I wasn’t looking for compliments but it’s so nice to have so many people see something that could be considered outlandish and a little ridiculous and have them all exclaim how much they like and it that it suits me. (Though I confess to being a little concerned by that last one – what exactly does it say about me that blue-green hair is such an attractive change?)

A small, plain grey square today shown in this truly awful photo for which I can only apologise.

day 68



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