Day 69


Yesterday, my paranoia and I went for a walk in town. It was the first time I had taken the new hair out in public and it was market day so there were many people about. Several of those people looked at me as I walked past which had me thinking they were looking at my hair. Then I remember my parasol (black battenberg lace) had come for the walk too and for some reason a parasol draws far more attention than bright turquoise hair.

Mum’s tablecloth is coming along though I think it’s going to me smaller than I had hoped. That said, I should be at least a metre across which will satisfy me. I’ve been having thoughts about how to extend it though so who knows what will happen.

By the way, here is the pattern. And here is a photo of what I have finished so far…

alita 1


And I added a green gradient rectangle to the blanket.

day 69

I have heard Don McLean many, many times throughout my life and while I know all the words to ‘American Pie’ (and think Madonna’s version is a travesty!) and all the words to today’s piece, I’d never given ‘Vincent’s lyrics much thought until an episode of Doctor Who. In the episode we are introduced to a fantastical and tragic (and invisible) alien that the eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond defeat with Vincent Van Gogh’s help. That’s not my point though. In that episode, we are introduced to a private Vincent based on who he was in the real world. A man tormented by dark depression, crippling lonlieness, and by a style of expression so unique he was ostracised for it. It is one of only a handful of the entire catalogue of Doctor Who episodes that it hurts for me to watch. It is a truly beautiful episode, and Tony Curran is a marvellous actor – has been a favourite since I first saw him in ‘The 13th Warrior’ – but it cuts a little too close to home for me.

Don McLean’s song, though melancholy, always feels just a little hopeful to me. It is a beautiful eulogy to an incredible talent.


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