Day 70


A very boring coloured trapezoid today and yes, I have been tweaking patterns again. These changes are very subtle and I won’t be sure if it has worked until I fill in the gap between the rectangle and today’s trapezoid with another trapezoid tomorrow.

day 70

I have put aside all of my projects to work on the tablecloth which is knitting up far more quickly than I had expected. I have already finished 1 ball of yarn – 140m/153yds. I’m at round 68 of the pattern and have about 42cm across when it is laid flat but still on the needle cable. alita 2There are another 62 rounds to go so I am unlikely to reach my minimum target of a 100cm diameter… unless I add to the pattern.
I have more than enough yarn to do this and there are several shawl patterns with similar designs that I can draw inspiration from and with how quickly this is coming together I will likely start thinking about it tomorrow. I’ll have to get out the graph paper which is always fun.

I was drawing a blank on what to share with you  musically today and while i was trawling through some possibilities on YouTube, I came across the magnificent ‘Florence + The Machine’ and was reminded of the Joy I feel when I listen to her ‘Drumming Song’.

Percussion, particularly drums are an essential part of music in most cultures the world over. They evoke visceral responses and can promote calm as well as passion. The vibration of a drum can be felt in the ground beneath your feet, it can be seen in the ripples of water. It can rattle your teeth and make your bones vibrate. It is a primal response and transcends the use of melody and harmony to strip the pleasure of music to its very core – a beat that echoes the rhythm of our hearts.

I am also very fond of Florence’s passion and the raw strength of her voice whether it is powerful as in this song or is restrained in a ballad. She is, quite frankly, Impressive.


2 thoughts on “Day 70

  1. Margaret Newman

    Didn’t Like the music but I enjoyed your comments on it. I love the table cloth and it will be perfect for my table which is 1 Metre square. Thank you Clever girl!

    • I’m glad you even gave it a listen. I’m never sure if anyone is actually clicking on the links 🙂
      You are very, very welcome. I was thinking the other day how you made my wedding dress but couldn’t attend and while you don’t want anything fancy for your wedding outfit, I can at least give you something handmade to cherish.
      Oh, and I’m glad you said it was square. For some reason I thought it was a round table. If I add more to the design I’m turn the circle into a square.

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