Day 72


There is some fantastic talent in the British music industry right now. While I’ve not heard much of Labrinth’s music, I have very much enjoyed Emile Sande’s album. Their voices are beautiful together and hearing the restrained power in their voices…. well, I love it.

Tablecloth update – I managed to miss a decrease near the beginning of yesterday’s knitting which means I got to spend an hour or so undoing it. Now, normally I would drop the stitch then use a crochet hook to rework the column of stitches but because the error was on the edge of a pattern set using yarn overs and knit 2 togethers and picking them up can be done but I hadn’t the patience for it today. Annoying but I’ll be more vigilant in my counting this time around, in that I will make sure to count all of the pattern repeats rather than whatever is in front of me at the time I think to do some counting.

The blanket piece has moved back to the original giant patchwork square today before working out the the edge again over the next week.

day 72


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