Day 75


Another Meccano device – this one is based on the charka wheel used predominantly in India and is similar to the type the Gandhi made famous as part of his peaceful resistance.

charka - meccano

Another charka, this one made of pvc pipe and a wheel off one of my son’s old bicycles. charka - pvc

Both of the charka wheels are hand operated and use spindles (made of knitting needles) instead of flyer units, as does my Meccano electric spinner. This means that I have to wind the yarn onto the spindle instead of it being automatically wound onto a bobbin like with a flyer.

The spinning wheel and charka wheels use a system of ratio’d pulleys to convert minimal effort (at the large wheel) into high-spin (at the spindle). An incredibly simple system that exemplifies the adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. These are still in use across the world.

Tomorrow I’ll show you my handspindles – some that I’ve made and some that I’ve bought – to show some different styles that all rely on the same principles of weight to prolong motion.

But now, as promised, some video of the Meccano electric spindle.


day 75


A denim blue rectangle attached itself to the blanket today. 75 pieces! I’ll take a photo of the full blanket tomorrow but for now, here is today’s extension.



Horrible Histories is an educational programme on the BBC’s children’s channel. It’s a sort of sketch show that teaches history. It includes the requisite over abundance of poo and fart facts, and an on-going series of segments titled ‘Stupid Deaths’. It’s brilliant! It also has a lot of pretty terrific music, much of it in the style of popular music. For example, compare Adam & the Ants ‘Stand and Deliver’ with the Horrible Histories song about Dick Turpin.

Adam and the Ants….

Horrible Histories….

There are *so many* I want to share with you but I’ll restrain myself today and share a few more over the next few days.

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