Day 81


Another downside of depression and anxiety, and the medications used to manage them, is a scattering of thoughts and an inability to focus. My brain is so fried right now that counting to 20 has given me trouble today. I had to reknit today’s triangle because I lost a stitch somewhere and couldn’t work out where. More than that, I had to count everything at least 3 times before I was sure I’d gotten it right.

day 81I did eventually get it and now there is a lovely red triangle that seems to be all on its own at the moment. When I looked at the design layout I had drawn, I couldn’t work out what I’d been thinking to put the triangle in at this angle but because of the pieces  to be worked later, I’d have to redo a large section of the plan. See above for why didn’t even attempt that. I still need to recheck it to see if there is a better way to work some of it but it’s staying as is for now.

So I want to share a song by India Arie called ‘Video’ with you. I can’t embed the clip like I normally  do so you’ll have to actually click here to go to YouTube and listen to/watch it. The song is a self-affirmation, that being who you are is ok, that it’s ok to love yourself because you’re important. While I was getting the link, I came across this 5 minute video of India speaking with Oprah. I didn’t know that India had been nominated for any Grammy’s let alone 7. They talk about the song as well as that experience and what she has taken from that experience is so positive.

I will say though, that I think the way they speak of ‘losing the Grammy’ is erroneous. She didn’t lose anything. That would imply that she already had it. It’s more that she didn’t win. I’m not sure the distinction makes any difference at all but it’s there all the same and I think it’s a little more positive.

All of her music is beautiful and I highly recommend it.


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