Day 84


I ave lived in the UK for 14 years. I don’t think I’ve had summer weather longer than 2 weeks at a time. We might get 3 of these fortnights throughout the 3 months of ‘summer’ but this year… ugh! June averaged 22 degrees, and so far July has averaged 24 though today was 29 which makes it the hottest day so far and despite the Met Office predicting a wet summer, we’re now getting ready for a heatwave. Now, the heatwaves here tend to level out in the mid 30’s but considering how the temperature is usually below 20 throughout the year (mean temperatures in winter are below 10 degrees, spring might get to 14), and that few places have any sort of air conditioning, there’s not much relief.

The magnificent Ann Miller says it all really.

And yes, this in-depth discussion of the weather may indicate I’ve been here too long….

Back to my yarn now. So the shawl I showed you yesterday – the pattern is ok but without experience I think people might have trouble. I’m having trouble and am very glad for the photos on her website but I will be ripping back several rows because by following the pattern I’m not getting a straight border like the one in her photos.

day 84


And from that red yarn to this red and pink yarn which I love.



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