Day 85


I was reintroduced to today’s piece of 80’s cheese by one of the Grand Theft Auto computer games, then again is the epically awesome theatre performance of ‘Rock of Ages’. This band – Quarterflash, along with Juice Newton and Pat Benatar all hold fond memories and I will inundate you with more 80’s cheesy goodness this week.

The leotard is a little scary and bits of the video clip looks like it belongs in an episode of Doctor Who. Apparently, the 80’s had a fondness for rock quarries.

I knitted a pair of cap sleeves for one of my maxi dresses today. I am tired of t-shirts bunching up and adding another layer in this heat and we’re not even going to discuss the inconvenience and impracticality of a cardigan. Yes, I could choose to go without both but I was raised with certain guidelines for modesty that also have many practical and self-esteem related reasons behind their continued use. I have very fat arms and am very concious of them. Also, after so many years in sleeves, my arms are unevenly tanned and my shoulders burn within 10 minutes of being in the sun. But more than that, I don’t feel comfortable without sleeves.

I will likely make inserts for the dresses also to add coverage to the deep necklines. Safety pins closing the gaps can mess with the lines of the dress and there’s always the risk of it coming undone. If you have no cleavage, I imagine that it’s less of a problem. I have always been ‘well-endowed’ which makes the current fashions designed for much thinner women sometimes indecent on me.

I’m still sewing the sleeves to the dress but once that’s done I will take a photo and share it here.

I got a few more rows of the shawl done. There are several more places where there is no instruction to skip stitches which can lead to confusion. Yay for photos (again).

day 85A trapezoid in citrus shades joined the previous 84 pieces of the blanket today. This is one of the first trapezoid pattens and was so much easier to make than the last pair I designed. That’s not to say the others are hard but I didn’t have to think as much while knitting it.


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