Day 86


Choosing one song by Pat Benatar is incredibly hard! I have always liked the power of her voice, and rock-chick music is always awesome to sing along to. I finally chose ‘All Fired Up’, partly because the chorus is relevant to my life at the moment but also because I like the counter-point in the chorus and the drum beat in the bridge.

YouTube led me to Joan Jett and several others and I love all of it!!!!

Couldn’t settle my mind long enough to work on anything for long today but I did finally work out the best way to sew the cap sleeves to my dress. It will definitely be finished tomorrow. Don’t want to lose interest so I need to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ so to speak. I did get the blanket piece done today. It’s the one piece of crafting I do every day, though obviously it’s a new part each day and not the same one over and over again. That way, madness lays… Could you imagine the insanity a person would find themselves in if they knit, unravelled and reknit the same piece of knitting every day?! Actually, I can’t remember the name of the movie but there is a Japanese movie (I think it’s Japanese) in which there is a woman who spends her day knitting a red jumper only to unravel it while screaming at the end of each day. I can’t remember if a reason is given for her doing this but I can understand the sentiment (and have had projects that have progressed in a similar fashion for what felt like months).

Anyway, grey trapezoid.

day 86

By the way, it’s still incredibly, uncomfortably hot. We had about 10 minutes of heavy rain this afternoon which was preceded by some unsettlingly close thunder and lightning, which in turn led to some amusement at the lengths our 3 large dogs will go to get comfort or hide when frightened. We weren’t laughing at their fear but when a 35 kilogram (70+ pound) long haired german shepherd x border collie climbs over your face and tries to curl up on the 5 inches of the back of your sofa immediately behind your head, you have to laugh.

The german shepherd has tried to wedge herself into the 2 inches under our sofa before. The border collie is small enough to hide under a dining chair but how he gets so small, I will never know.


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