Day 87


The sleeves are sewn in!

cap sleevesThe photo is cropped to just one sleeve because without a t-shirt underneath, I am reminded of just how much cleavage/bra is left exposed by this dress. I am knitting a complementary piece to the sleeves to cover the gap. It shouldn’t take nearly as long to do because I have a better idea of what I’m doing this time.

I am really pleased with how this impromptu pattern has worked out. I had intended it to fit in the opposite way around – the exposed edge is the cast on edge and I had intended for it to be the one attached to the dress – but the two pieces fit together so much better this way. They are very comfortable and I think that they look quite nice. I had worried that the difference in texture between the t-shirt like material of the dress and the hand-knitted sleeves would look odd but they work well together. The material fits without being tight or pulling the dress in a strange way.

I look forward to showing the sleeves off at knitting on Wednesday.

‘Queen of Hearts’ by Juice Newton always sounds a little bit country, a little bit rock’n’roll to me. The rhythm is good, the harmony is pretty and leaves me feeling more upbeat than when it began which is what I like to feel from music.

day 87


Another jump in ‘level’ on the blanket today with a turquoise rectangle jutting from the edge of the red square from 3 days ago.


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