Day 89


Despite some good news today, my brain is still not firing on all cylinders. It has taken me all day to knit these two piece onto the blanket. My hands and thoughts are slow, I keep making mistakes or miscounting the stitches and going back over things that didn’t need it.

days 88-89

The triangle (the pink with dark spots on the right) is the piece that gave me so much trouble yesterday. Obsessively counting got me through it today. The trapezoid slotted in so easily to the space left for it. It was a satisfying thing to knit.


blanketplan- amendment

If you look back at the plan for this section (top left of the diagram), you will see that I’ve made some changes to the order this area is worked in. Because of the way the pieces are knitted it made more sense to attach the trapezoids to the triangle than trying to do the opposite. For me as much as for the curious, here is the amended order diagram for this section.    

I think that I have finally, *finally* figured out what I want to do for the next set of maxi-dress sleeves and how I’m going to get the pattern to work. Designing is a lot of fun but because I do my designing on paper it requires many pages. I do write over the early incarnations of patterns but I like to keep the later ones because I sometimes have to return to them if something doesn’t work out the way I’d expected. There are diagrams and rough sketches and the occasional doodle.

designprocess-blog When I have worked it out, I transfer it to a spreadsheet on my computer because it is always in front of me when I’m at home and with a carefully organised desktop, I can read and knit at the same time. Or watch YouTube… One of the world’s most stellar performers is Annie Lennox. As one half of the iconic Eurythmics, she continues to influence music. The music is varied, her voice is excellent and their videos are always interesting. This song even has Stevie Wonder on harmonica…


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