Day 90


Alan Rickman dancing in a petrol station! Not the only reason I love this song but it’s certainly an excellent reason to watch the video clip. ‘In Demand’ by Texas is more recent than the other ‘rock chick’ type tunes I’ve been including lately but Sharleen Spiteri is fabulous (she was Elvis in one video clip!). I’ve been aware of them as a band since I was in High School and enjoyed the music but this song…. I think it’s beautiful. It’s not a complicated tune, the lyrics tell a story, the singing is nuanced. And the aforementioned dancing Alan Rickman. Also, I think that’s Blackfriars Bridge they drive over at the beginning and I always get a thrill when a location is familiar.

‘In Demand’ – Texas

I’ve been able to avoid putting similar colours together in the blanket but apparently, it’s something I’m doing at the moment. I may need to add some more colours because it’s getting hard to get a balance with the colours and tones when I add a new piece. It’s looking good so far though. Just a small square today.

day 90

Despite spending all day on designing them, I don’t like the way the sleeves are looking. I need to rethink what I want to do. If I were decreasing instead of increasing, I think I’d like the way it looks more but for now I’ll be starting again. I have some ideas for how to go forward so it’ll be ok. Want to have them done asap though because I want to wear the dress on Saturday when I go to Fibre-East. Not to show it off, just because it’s a comfortable dress.


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