Day 92


Fibre-East was today. It was stupidly hot – outside *and* inside which led to an awful headache but to much beautiful yarn and fibre. So many intense colours and everyone is always so lovely. It’s nice to have the opportunity to chat with the person who dyes the fibre.

I do not *need* any more fibre, but as will all things we are fond of, “need” becomes superfluous. On the flip side, most of us don’t need as many clothes or shoes as we have. I stuck to my budget limit and bought some very beautiful fibre.

Recently Updatedlisted in the order I bought them 😉

1 – Dyer : Wheeldale Woolcraft, Fibre : Falkland

2 – Dyer : Wheeldale Woolcraft, Fibre : BlueFaced Leicester

3&4 – Dyer : Sara’s Texture Crafts, Fibre : Merino, Tussah Silk, recycled sari silk, Shetland, Zwartbles

5 – Dyer : Little Owl Crafts, Fibre : Merino/Silk

6 – Dyer : Little Owl Crafts, Fibre : Merino/Silk

7 – Dyer : Little Owl Crafts, Fibre : white yarn = yak/silk, coloured = teesdale locks (they’re curly!)

So much pretty! Of course, now all I want to do is spin yarn! Cause I don’t already have enough projects on the go 😉

Something haunting tonight. ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence was featured in the movie ‘Daredevil’, but don’t hold that against the song.

Can’t find my camera but tonight’s trapezoid finishes the square that the last weeks pieces were making. The yarn is that fair isle style pattern.


2 thoughts on “Day 92

  1. I think this isna lovely way to document your project-a real journey! I am also more than just a teency bit envious of your outing to fibre east. I hope to go one day!

    • Thank you! It’s proved to be more necessary than I had anticipated when I started.

      Fibre East is awesome! I’ve been to all 4 so far. Everyone is so friendly. I guess that’s because the event isn’t overcrowded, and because most of the sellers are small businesses. Every time you sit down, someone new becomes part of your conversation or the inevitable show-and-tell of purchases. I highly recommend attending 🙂

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