Day 94


The excellence of Gilbert & Sullivan and the brilliance of Simon Gallagher’s production company came together in the 90’s to give the world a trio of fabulous musical theatre. They started with ‘Pirates of Penzance’ (which my mother and I went to see in Sydney), followed by ‘The Mikado’, and closing with ‘HMS Pinafore’. They updated the humour and included jokes to include the conductor as G&S had done. There was even a rope swing out over the audience. The seats were simple but vibrant and clever – rotating pieces were a feature in each of them. Then they released them on DVD and I fell in love with Gilbert and Sullivan’s collaborations all over again. Simon Gallagher is fantastic, John English is hilarious and I am so very jealous of Helen Donaldson’s talent. Not that any of that stops me trying to hit the high notes when I sing along. Choosing one song to share today from the catalogue of music in these three productions has been incredibly difficult and even as I’m preparing to share the link, I’m still not sure which one it will be. Though, I confess that it’s made more difficult by the fact that the song I most want to share isn’t on YouTube.

Ok, so in HMS Pinafore, a lowly sailor is in requited love with the Captain’s daughter and in order to avoid her having to marry an Admiral many years her senior, they decide to elope. This song is the lead in to them going, and shows the remarkable set design, the complexity of the music and the talent of the entire company. Enjoy 🙂

I was feeling bold colour-wise today so we have a red rectangle beside yesterdays purple square.

day 93


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