Day 98


Ok, so we’re back with the scheduled program today.

The blanket plan had me knitting a trapezoid for yesterday. Simple enough pattern but this time I needed to join it angled side to the angled side of day 96’s trapezoid. The solution was easier than I’d expected.  I’m not going to put the whole pattern here because I only made a minor, repeated change to make this work. The full pattern for this shape is on day 13.

The change that I made is at the end of every odd numbered row (rows 1, 3, 5 etcetc).

You’ll want to pick up/cast on the 47sts of the base and the right hand side.

For row 1 – k14, (slip 2 sts, k1, pass 2 slip stitches over),  k27, k2tog. You will have one stitch left on the left hand needle. Slip this stitch, pick up the nearest stitch from day 96’s trapezoid and knit this stitch, pass the slipped stitch over.

NB – you’re going to pick the stitch up as you have been doing for the rest of the blanket. It’s the stitch “leg” that shows between 2 ridges.

Turn and knit the next row (row 2).

For row 3 – k13, (slip 2 sts, k1, pass 2 slip stitches over),  k25, k2tog, slip last stitch, pick one up from day 96, pass slipped stitch over.

Keep going like this – working the pattern to the last stitch, pick up and work those 2 stitches together. On the last row , when you only have 3 left, slip 3 together, pick up and knit the last stitch on the angled side of day 96’s trapezoid then pass all three slipped stitches over it.

Ta-dah! All done except for the sewing in.

day 97-98

Today’s blanket piece is a simple square, knit in the same yarn as the trapezoid but further along the repeat. They don’t look like they’re the same yarn, do they?

Music for today…… The song most forward in my mind  is a very appropriate but very swear-y song by Limp Bizkit so I will be choosing something else. Something completely different in fact.

We’ve been enjoying some incredible summer weather here in St Albans for the last couple of months so let’s have a summer-y song. It’s another Stooshe tune – ‘My Man Music’. Bar B Que’s and dancing with friends in late afternoon sunshine with a caribbean lilt. Sounds good to me.


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