Day 101


On the list ‘Songs That Make Me Happy’, ELO’s ‘Mister Blue Sky’ ranks very close to the top. I have nothing else to say on that except ‘enjoy!’.

fingernails - in pink and goldOh! And I forgot to show you my pretty, celebratory nail polish yesterday so have a photo today. I used (from thumb to pinkie): Rimmel’s Lasting Finish in colour 025 ‘Strawberry Fizz’, Max Factor’s Max Effect in colour 33 ‘Lollipop’, L’Oreal’s Color Riche in 211 ‘Opulent Pink’, Orly in ‘Luxe’, and Nails Inc’s ‘Plum’.

I have a lot of trouble keeping nail polish on though I can’t work out why. No matter how much or how careful the preparation, it rarely lasts more than 24 hours. This lot is doing well so far. Only one chip and it’s only been in the last hour or so.

day 101

Another yellow rectangle for the blanket today.

I started working on mum’s tablecloth again today. I had hoped to have it in the post by now – the wedding is on Wednesday – but my brain hates me so I’ve fallen behind. Also, I think I’m going to need a 5th ball of yarn to make it the size I think it ought to be. Getting there though and despite needing a wash, it’s looking very pretty. Photos later in the week.


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