Day 102


In about 2 hours, on the other side of the globe, my mum is getting married. I am a little sad to not be there but I know that she is happy, so I’m ok with not being there. My sister is there as her Maid of Honour. It’s all as exciting as it ought to be. And I am relieved and delighted that she has someone that makes her happy.

She has a great affection for Barbra Streisand and when she toured in the mid ’90’s would have very much liked to have gone to the concert. The prices for tickets were insane so it didn’t happen unfortunately but today’s clip is from that tour, a performance at the MGM. From 1977’s ‘A Star Is Born’, this is the love theme ‘Evergreen’ and she sounds as fantastic now as she did then. Such a fabulous talent, a voice as strong 20 years on.

(Yes, I’m still listening to her music on YouTube)

I’l run out of yarn on the 4th ball for the tablecloth tomorrow and will need to remember to send the husband into the loft for more. I’ll try to take a picture tomorrow to show the (limited) progress.

I’m even more delighted with the blanket today after hearing how much mum likes it. It’s not going to live with her (it’s mine! :p) but it’s always lovely to be complimented by someone you respect.

day 102

A dark teal rectangle today.



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