Day 107


day 107I really like how today’s trapezoid looks with the others pieces it’s attached to. The grey was a good choice with the reds, purples and turquoises around it.

I finished the 4th ball of yarn on mum’s tablecloth today and moved onto the 5th. I’ll be looking for flexible blocking wires soon because I’m very nearly done – maybe 6 more pattern rounds then a couple of plain rounds before casting off. This section would usually need to have the total number of stitches increased but if you remember the photo from the other day, there is already more stitches than are needed for the tablecloth to lay flat so I’m going to leave the stitch count alone. To bee honest, 696 stitches are just about as many as I fancy dealing with. I haven’t actually counted but it takes about 30 minutes to finish one round. I’ll be glad to wash it – up close it’s pretty grubby but only because of al the handling while knitting it which is true of most large knitting projects.

Oh, and 4 balls of yarn means 560 metres/200g of yarn. So, lots 😀

I have had music from a particular episode of Phineas & Ferb in my head ALL DAY! There is an episode in which a reformed 80’s rock group spends the day at work with a delivery driver (he won it on the radio by accident). Using a variety of styles of music they sing about everything that happens – whether it’s the driver using his blinkers, stopping at a pedestrian crossing, or climbing stairs. It’s very clever and a lot like listening to a radio station with nothing but all the jingles you like but it’s just as annoying as that too because no sooner have you gotten the song that’s been circling your brain for half an hour than another takes its place.

Fear not, I am not going to link you to that episode but the song today is something from Phineas & Ferb. The context doesn’t matter for this song – ‘Dancing in the Sunshine’. It’s short and sweet and makes me happy. Also, slightly ironic considering we had thunderstorms for most of the day here…

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