Day 110


Classic George Michael today for no reason but really liking this song and not having heard it in ages.

Choosing the yarn for today’s square was tricky because the blocks around it are so busy with pattern. I think it came out 110

I’m in a funny mood today, which is fairly common after Wednesday knitting group. I’m not exactly happy, but certainly not sad. It’s a weird headspace to inhabit. I think the music is indicative of a willingness to be cheered up actually. The tempo is up but easy. The construction of the music is uncluttered, the sound is uncomplicated. *shrug*

I spent this afternoon taking a break from knitting by crocheting. I’m working on a basic pattern for a crocheted dice bag. My family enjoy several games that use large numbers of dice (look up the games ‘Quarriors’ and ‘Warhammer 40000’ – I’ve laughed as hubby tried to roll 40+ dice at the same time when playing that one) and we just picked up a new one based on the ‘Quarriors’ format but with Marvel comics characters. The starter pack box says it includes dice bags…. if the dice were made of pastry, they bag would be awesome. Paper bags do not hold up to vigorous use under normal circumstances but pointy dice corners are going to reduce that time frame greatly. It’s a simple, adaptable pattern but I need to format it and add pictures before I can share it.
Next I”ll need to devise something to hold the cards…


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