Day 111


So, I’m not knitting today. I’ve done a little spinning and a crocheted circle but I have been melancholy since just before getting home from my Thursday knitting group. 

I lost my favourite shawl today.

It fell out of my bag sometime between leaving knitting and getting on the bus to go home. I know exactly the places I went so I know it was lost in the 5 minutes between leaving the chemist, crossing the road and getting on the bus. I know because the crossing was the same one I had taken from the cafe to the chemist and it wasn’t there when I went back across the road.

So I’ve been in a sort of mourning all afternoon and can’t face any knitting, particularly for the blanket because it uses the same techniques I used for the shawl.


It was knit with 3 balls of Schoppell-woll’s 4-ply Zauberball in the colourway called ‘Tropical fish’ (in German – Frische Fische). That’s 1200m and it took me 2 weeks to knit it. And I miss it and I don’t think I can bring myself to knit an identical replacement. I have found a couple of different colourways that I might use but I have to wait until I have the money to buy it (the yarn is about £10 per ball).

Guess this is the perfect time for some melancholy Annie Lennox.


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