Day 115


So it seems that my upset stomach is partly stress but mostly to do with my back. Everything seems to have solidified into an inflexible mass from my neck to my waist. And not just down my spine. It feels like I spent all day yesterday doing sit-ups – it hurts to breathe. I will be seeing my osteopath in the morning so there is some relief in the very near future.

It does mean today has been spent in a carefully constructed nest of pillows, sleeping through the pain (sleep relaxes muscles after all) and not doing much but trying to get enough oxygen into my lungs without causing myself pain.

I didn’t even want to knit my blanket piece today but I did. I even rewarded myself by using my favourite pink yarn.

And now, to sleep. A lullaby to ease your way into slumber…. If you can keep the giggles at bay.


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