Day 116


Lots of small things dragging at my attention this evening but the day started with a singular focus – osteopath appointment! I woke today without any discomfort, just as I did yesterday but within a few minutes I could feel things started to tighten in my back so I was glad that my appointment was early.

You know you’ve waited too long when even the osteopath comments on how tight the muscles are. It’s not all ‘fixed’ yet – I’ve gone 10 months between appointments (financial restraints, not the assertion that I didn’t need it), so it’s going to take more than that but the restrictions are largely gone. I can still feel a spot just below my neck that’s likely going to cause a headache before my appointment next Tuesday no matter how much stretching I do nor how careful I am about my posture. I really must get back into doing my yoga. It will help to stretch out my back muscles as well as those in my torso that were causing my tummy troubles (sun salutation rocks for that!).

I’m really enjoying my son being home. While looking for something else this morning, I found some Minecraft Lego I bought him 2 years ago that was supposed to be presents for his birthday and Christmas but had hidden them from him so well, that I couldn’t find them either. So he spent much of the day building those, then we watched ‘Despicable Me 2’ because Minions, followed by ‘Spirited Away’ which he’s seen before but it was a while ago. The biggest surprise was that he sat through the whole movie and didn’t talk throughout it. It’s not uncommon but even I have difficulty doing that some times.

I chose this song by the Foo Fighters because he was singing it while building Lego vehicles of his own invention earlier today. Also, it’s an awesome song.

Looking at the collection of bags beside my seat here on the sofa, it occurs to me that it’s time to pare down the number of projects I’m working on… I’m not going to list them here. It would overwhelm me. Suffice to say that I really need to finish a few things.

Which reminds me, I need to sort out my spinning wheel and finalise some diagrams for the revamping of my electric spinner. I’d have fewer projects on the go if I had a wheel I could use. Handspindle spinning takes aaaaaaaaaaaaaages. I can spin a 100g skein of roving into plied yarn in 2 days on a wheel. I takes months on the handspindle.

Today’s blanket addition is a grey trapezoid.

day 115


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