Day 122


Not a lot of crafting happened today but not through lack of effort. I made new uprights for my homemade electric spinner, had hubby find the battery recharger and left the battery to charge as I reassembled parts of the spinner. Plugged everything – nothing. Found a couple of loose cables, fixed them – nothing. Took out the power switch and connected the working parts straight to the battery – still nothing. There’s another thing I can remove to test the motor but it could still be the battery. Guess I need to do some research and go shopping. It really needs a different motor – more torque, capable of running for long periods of time – so yeah, research. Sewing machine motors are apparently a good option but i don’t have a spare machine here anymore and if I’m buying a motor I’ll choose one that is built to meet my requirements. A picture of the spinner when it was working….


A simple grey rectangle today. Really need to do the next stage of the plan for the blanket. I’ve got less than 2 weeks left on this plan.


Way back at the beginning of this journey, I talked about the band Muse. I confess to not having heard too many of their songs but I’ve loved what I’ve heard. Their music is slick and perfect and sexy. This is the first piece of their music I ever heard and is something I can listen to no matter what mood I’m in and get lost in it to come out feeling more together.

Muse – Plug In Baby

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