Day 126


I really like the pinks in todays rectangle.


We are 10 days from the end of the current blanket plan. Really must remember to do the next section.

The parts for the computer driven e-spinner arrived today and hubby has been blissfully occupied building, coding and testing since he got home. He’s heading north for the weekend which means that no more will be done this weekend on it but I’ve got the existing spinner so that’s fine.

This weekend, I am aiming to finally *finally* finish spinning and plying the yarn I’ve been working on for the last month on my hand spindles.  They are very soothing to use but they are very slow to produce finished yarn when compared to a spinning wheel or an e-spinner. And I am not particularly patient. I can spin and ply 100g of fibre into yarn in 2 days so having to work so slowly has been a little grating. There’s about 3/5ths still to spin before I can ply the yarn but that’s a relatively easy goal as long as my equipment doesn’t fail and if it does, I think my mum on the other side of the world will hear me swearing.

The first time I heard music by Jimi Hendrix, I was 16 and sitting in music class at school. Despite my dad’s awesome music collection,  I had never heard anything like it and dad liked guitar music so it wasn’t that.  Ive no idea why it was missing from the collection but I fell in love with the guitar solo that day and he passion that it could portray.  That first song was ‘All Along The Watchtower’ and I’m still in love with it 20 years later…

Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower


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