Day 127


An unproductive day today though I’m blaming that on being awake at stupid o’clock this morning. I tinkered for much of the morning with the e-spinner and got it working better than ever only to have the basic design of the gears and the shafts fail. No matter how tightly a plastic gear fits onto a round shaft, tension will eventually cause freespin. I need something with a many sided geometric shape. Guess I’ll be hunting that down next…

Anyway, this all means that I have returned to my traditional inning wheel. Wish me luck for minimal back pain.

A dull coloured triangle in a seemingly random place today.


All I have to say about today’s song is : Jeremy Rennet in a cowboy hat and eyeliner.

P!nk – Trouble

(Yeah, OK. This song might also be my unofficial anthem 😉 )


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