Day 133


You’ll notice that yesterday’s post has only just shown up. For some reason it didn’t finish publishing it after I clicked the button last night so you get 2 for 1 today instead.

Not much happened today. Hubby worked overnight so he was home today. He worked on more coding for the all-singing-all-dancing e-spinner he’s building me and I spent much of the morning trying to fix Avril’s motor (remember that I named my original home built e-spinner yesterday). Friction caused the metal drive shafts to melt the plastic brackets. I reinforced them but then it would only work properly for 5 minutes before slowing to a stop. I check everything and couldn’t work out why so we took out the original motor and gearing system and replaced with the motor we bought for the new machine. Here they are side-by-side. The old one is the one I’m holding. The new one is the tiny thing on the left.


How crazy is that?! The new motor has the gears already attached and they are less than half a centimetre across. Here’s a better picture of the new micro motor with my finger as a size reference.


It seems to be working really well so far and to confess to thinking it wouldn’t be up to the task. Still need to test it with the larger flyer unit but I think it will be fine.

Being that everything is built in means that there are fewer failure points between the motor and the flyer. I expect none of the wear and friction problems I’ve had so far with Avril 1-point-I-stopped-counting-many-tweaks-ago will be problems with this new configuration. 

We’re now looking for new housing for the motor, switches and wires, and new set of switches.  We need one that will make the motor go backward as well as forward, and I want the speed dial to match/coordinate with it. I hope to have pictures and a report of success tomorrow. Possible even a parts list.

An almost dotty rectangle for you all today. This phase is very nearly complete. Pictures of it late next week!


I have a head full of Phineas and Ferb songs tonight except for a pretty ballad by Pink. This is from her latest album and is one of my 3 favourites.

Pink – Beam Me Up


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