Day 135


Yesterday’s trapezoid took 5 attempts to get right. I realised that it was in part because I hadn’t constructed one in this sort of space. It came together nicely in the end. Fortunately, today’s piece was a simple small square.


There is only 1 piece left in the current phase of the blanket. Tomorrow’s rectangle will finish the large square. As a result, I finally got around to charting phase 3, which will take us up to 196 days.


After this chart is finished I will turned the blanket into a rectangle. It’s already huge. I fully expect to be dwarfed by it before I’m done.

I began making new housing for the e-spinner’s motor today. Hubby added a switch to change the direction of the spin and the current housing is sized for the old, much larger motor. It is also situated too far back on the base board to work effectively with the flyer. I hope to have photos tomorrow.

Some pretty definitive camp rock opera for you tonight. The Darkness with ‘I believe in a thing called love’, because singing about believing in a thing called socks would just be ridiculous… Grab your air guitar, crank the volume and rock out with me.

The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love.