Day 137


First piece of phase 3 is a mostly grey rectangle.


I almost didn’t knit today because version 2 my e-spinner is finished and it’s beautiful! Well, ok, it’s not exactly beautiful to look at but I am very delighted with it. Improvements in this version include a physically smaller, geared motor instead of the previous one that was cumbersome, clumsy and prone to wear within 5 minutes of use. The drive wheel is larger and we’ve added a direction switch so there’s no need to redo some wiring to get the wheel to go from spinning to plying.


The motor is the same voltage etc as the last one which means, despite my hopes to the contrary, it isn’t strong enough to run the large flyer. We’ll continue puzzling that out.

The next project being worked on is a metre counter for my handspun yarn. The basic parts are mostly done. I’m hoping we can start testing by the weekend.

Kevin Smith wrote, directed and acted in a movie in 1999 called ‘Dogma’ which was mostly about 2 angels who had been banished from heaven trying to take advantage of a loophole to get back in to heaven which would destroy all of creation, and the attempts to stop them. But in amongst that comedy of errors, he makes some fabulous commentary on how we approach and use religion, faith and belief.

Alanis Morrisette makes a brief appearance as God and sings the song over the closing credits. This song has made me cry on many occasions. It is beautiful, and a humbling thought.

Alanis Morrisette – Still